What started as a shared love of wine, then turned into our favorite romantic get away, and eventually became the place we would be married. We then were fortunate enough to find our own little piece of heaven here on earth and start the next chapter of life.

After acquiring the vineyard in 2016 we quickly decided being a grower just was not quite enough for us. With mother nature having blessed this valley with the Rutherford Bench, we now in return are sharing some of that blessing in the creation of Labry Wines. As a small family wine we intend to care for and nurture this land while using some very talented industry veterans to assist in the creation and development of our wine.


Winemaker Keith Emerson

Winemaker Keith Emerson has more than 18 years of experience in the wine industry. He is one of the few winemakers who excels in crafting both Bordeaux and Burgundian varieties and produces wines from Napa, Sonoma, Oregon and Santa Cruz. In 2005, Emerson joined Napa’s Vineyard 29 as Director of Winemaking charged with managing the production of Vineyard 29’s estate and Cru portfolios. As director, Emerson oversees all wine programs for Vineyard 29’s ultra-premium custom crush clientele, managing wine production for prestigious producers including Labry Wines.

Keith Emmerson