Our Vineyards

Labry Vineyard

Rutherford, Ca

AVA: Rutherford
Acres: 2.9 acres
Varieties: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon (clone 7 on rootstock 03916; total vines 4,200)
Planting History: History under vine dates back 100+ years. Farmed by David Abreu till 1995. Pulled and plowed in 1995 and laid fallow till replanted in 1998 by Mike and Linda Neal
Farming Practices: Head Trained by David Abreu, Bilateral training, Spur pruned
Soil and Topology: Bale clay loam, 0 to 2 percent slopes
Cover Crop: Magnus Peas, Dundale Peas, Common Vetch, Barley, Mustard and Oats
Elevation: 160 ft
Typical Yield: 16 tons
Pruning: VSP
Buyer History: Pine Ridge 2003-2007, Opus One 2008-2012, Rombauer 2013-2016, Vineyard 29 2017-2019, Labry 2020-Present

Rutherford River Ranch Vineyard

Napa, Ca

AVA: Rutherford
Acres: 14.32 
Elevation: 100 feet
Varieties: Sauvignon Blanc (Clone 1 on 101-14 rootstock)
Soil and Topology: Yolo Loam
Pruning Style: VSP, Bilateral training

Ross Station Vineyard

Sebastopol, CA

AVA:Green Valley of Russian River Valley
Varieties: Pinot Noir (clones 115, 667, 777, ENTAV-777, 7, 6A), Chardonnay (clone 96, 0.2 A)
Root Stock: all 101-14
Planting History: 3.1 acres in 2000, 3 acres in 2001, 1.4 acres in 2002
Farming Practices: Fish Friendly Farming Certified
Soil and Topology: Gold Ridge series, sandy clay loam, Gentle ridge top, 1 to 5% slope
Typical Yields: Pinot Noir 30 tons, Chardonnay .5 tons
Pruning style: VSP Cordon, Double Pruning
Buyer History: Michael Stewart (Stewart Cellars), Paul Hobbs (Paul Hobbs Winery), Rob Rubin